Charlotte Dune is the author of the Psychedelic Love Series. Including Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story, Mushroom Honeymoon, and Hawaii Ayahuasca.

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Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story

“Steamy, sexy, and tropical.”

“I could not put it down.”

“An emotional read.”

In Cactus Friends, Charlotte Dune creates a story rich with supernatural energy, taking the reader inside the world of underground shamans, psychedelic encounters, and wachuma, and ayahuasca ceremonies. Read more . . .

Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story is out now on paperback, Kindle, and on audiobook!

Mushroom Honeymoon

Book Two in the Psychedelic Love Series

Mushroom Honeymoon by Charlotte Dune
Mushroom Honeymoon, by Charlotte Dune

Mushroom Honeymoon is out now!

Book three in the Psychedelic Love SeriesHawaii Ayahuasca coming soon!

Image of the Big Island of Hawaii by NASA.

Hawaii Ayahuasca – coming in 2022!

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