Novels by Charlotte Dune

Acid Christmas

Acid Christmas is a terrifying story… It’s a study of the post-pandemic world through the lens of magical realism, where the absurd takes up residence in the day-to-day experience of normal people.”

— D.S. Davis, author of Storyletter

The kind of book you read in one sitting because you want to see how it ends!

— Goodreads Review

The cover of Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story
Mushroom Honeymoon by Charlotte Dune

There were haunting scenes in this book at kept me up at night, but ultimately it was the riveting story that kept me reading way past midnight”

– Sharon Duckett, author of “No Rules: A Memoir”

Book One:

Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story

In Cactus Friends, Charlotte Dune creates a story rich with supernatural energy, taking the reader inside the world of underground shamans, psychedelic encounters, and wachuma, and ayahuasca ceremonies. Read more . . .

“Steamy, sexy, and tropical.”

“I could not put it down.”

“An emotional read.”

Book Two:

Mushroom Honeymoon

Mushroom Honeymoon by Charlotte Dune

Book three in the Psychedelic Love Series — tentatively titled Hawaii Ayahuasca coming soon!