Charlotte Dune is the author of the Psychedelic Love Series. Including Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story, Mushroom Honeymoon, and Hawaii Ayahuasca.

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Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story

“Steamy, sexy, and tropical.”

“I could not put it down.”

“An emotional read.”

In Cactus Friends, Charlotte Dune creates a story rich with supernatural energy, taking the reader inside the world of underground shamans, psychedelic encounters, and wachuma, and ayahuasca ceremonies. Read more . . .

Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story is out now on paperback, Kindle, and on audiobook!

Mushroom Honeymoon

Mushroom Honeymoon is coming soon!

Hawaii Ayahuasca

Hawaii Ayahuasca – coming in 2022!