The cover of Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story

Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story

Book 1 in the Psychedelic Love Series

By Charlotte Dune

A struggling photographer, Thelma searches for direction in her life. She is drawn to a group conducting plant medicine ceremonies on a mysterious farm in Florida’s southern Everglades. After drinking a mescaline tea made from the San Pedro, wachuma cactus with the group, she receives an unusual message and meets a young Persian man, suffering from kidney failure, named Saman. Together, they unravel the hidden meaning of Thelma’s prophetic visions, a path that leads to Thelma’s past and to Saman’s future.

In Cactus Friends, Charlotte Dune creates a story rich with supernatural energy, taking the reader inside the world of underground shamans, psychedelic encounters, and wachuma, or huachumaand ayahuasca ceremonies.

Cactus Friends uncovers the power of romances old and new and traverses the unbreakable threads that connect some lovers across time and space. 

Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story out now in paperback, audiobook, and ebook.

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Cactus Friends cover
Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story