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Charlotte Dune on the Addiction to Freedom Podcast

Charlotte Dune discusses addiction, her childhood, and how magic mushrooms helped her overcome PTSD.

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Charlotte Dune
Charlotte Dune

From the podcast host’s show notes:

Charlotte is an author and an extremely fascinating person. She has an amazing story that totally surprised me. It blew me away that as a very young diplomat she came out of a hippie hillbilly family, which was really a massive contrast. She has a journey that is not the ordinary kind of struggle we face in life. She lived in an environment where she had many challenges to do with her work, relationships, and addiction. She found a solution to her struggles a solution that has been around for thousands of years, she started using plant medicine in a therapeutic way. We also touched on some fundamentally deep and human places of love and peace that we are all looking for. And so I have to say this episode’s a real journey.

— Michael Gregory, host of the Addiction to Freedom Podcast.

Delusion is the root of addiction & not knowing who we are is the root of delusion…

— Michael Gregory

Michael Gregory is an addiction specialist and the host of the Addiction to Freedom Podcast, as well as an avid surfer and early riser.

Michael Gregory has a background as a philosopher and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, as well as a lifelong interest in spirituality and personal development. 

His other interests include surfing, poetry, Shukuhachi, martial arts, and heartfelt conversation.

Michael also hosts the Addiction To Freedom podcast, which explores spiritual and personal awareness, as a path to freedom from our everyday addictions. 

He is also the founder of True Quit, which has helped 1000’s of smokers quit cigarettes through the True Quit Method.  

Learn more about Michael Gregory’s work here.

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