Gratitude + Breathwork Holiday Challenge

There is no time like 2020 to work on channeling gratitude and breath into your life.

I’m excited to announce that I’m teaming up with yoga and pranayama breathwork teacher Lauren Aune, the founder of the Joyful Body Yoga to offer you a Gratitude + Breathwork Holiday Challenge.

This challenge will run from Nov 30, 2020 to Dec 21, 2020.

What is the Holiday Gratitude and Breathwork challenge?

Lauren and I are challenging you to incorporate gratitude and breathwork into your daily routine this holiday season. We will focus on how to cultivate gratitude and also on how to do breathwork, working on both writing about gratitude and on breathing with intention during the challenge which runs for four weeks, beginning Nov 30, 2020.

What comes with the Holiday Gratitude and Breathwork challenge?

  • Four, live pranayama breathwork classes taught by Lauren Aune
  • A downloadable Gratitude and Breathwork Guide written by Charlotte Dune
  • Daily gratitude writing prompts
  • Facebook Group support

What is the challenge live event schedule?

Live Event Schedule: 

?  Nov 30 at 7 PM EDT— Introduction to Breathwork Class (60min). Taught by Lauren Aune. 

?  Dec 7th at 7 PM EDT — Gratitude For Hard Things Breathwork Session (60min). Taught by Lauren Aune. 

?  Dec 14th at 7 PM EDT — Managing Holiday Stress Breathwork Session (60min). Taught by Lauren Aune. 

?  Dec 20 at 7 PM EDT — Integrating Gratitude in Daily Life + Closing First Day of Winter Breathwork Session (60min). Taught by Lauren Aune.

*All live events will be recorded and available to all participants to stream the replay.  

Register now for this challenge!

Holiday Breathwork and Gratitude FAQ

How do I attend the breathwork classes?

A zoom link will be provided in your guide and by email after you register for the challenge.

If I miss a live class, can I access the replay?

Yes, each class will be uploaded and accessible on the link where you downloaded the course guide within 48 hours of the breathwork class.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes, just email Charlotte Dune via the email provided when you register for the challenge.

Do I need to be in good physical shape to do this challenge?

No, anyone can do this challenge, but if you are concerned about your physical or mental health, please see a doctor.

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