Unus Anus hourglass image by Charlotte Dune

Mid-Annus Reflect and Reset Ritual

A short meditation and journaling activity for when you reach the mid-point of any year.


JUL 2, 2023

Hello friends, creatures of The Lagoon! As we begin the second half of the year, I invite you to join me in reflecting on and resetting annual intentions. This can be used for the middle of any year.

But Mid-Annus? What is annus? Annus is “year” in Latin.

Image made by me, but inspired by the TV Show Unus Annus (One Year), called one of “The Greatest Experiments in YouTube History.”

Let’s take stock of the year so far and envision the wins for the rest of the year. Of course, the universe may laugh at your plans, but hey, you could also laugh at the universe!

So, grab a notebook or a legal pad and open to a fresh page. Get out your favorite pen. Make a cup of tea or pop a fizzy libation. I also suggest using separate pages for the lengthier prompts in part two in case you want to tear them out and pin them to your wall, or BURN them! Muahaha.

My current journal and pen. This notebook is the same type that Neil Gaiman uses to write the first drafts of his novels, the Leuchtturm1917, and I also LOVE it. I’m on my 3rd.

If you prefer to type on a computer, that’s fine too. No wrong way to journal.

Likewise, this doesn’t need to be done in one sitting. You can spread it over the week but try to do the short meditation each time. A little extra meditation never hurt nobody!

Plus, the mid-year of 2023, is also a full moon in Capricorn (my sun sign), so consider some lunar journaling and reflection if your schedule allows it. The Capricorn moon is said to harken emotional, spiritual, and material growth.

Let’s begin.

Prime the Mind:

First, I offer you a short meditation using the mantra “I am That.” In this context, That can mean the larger energy field, the world around you, the world within you, your ancestors, the universe, or whatever you want, a higher power, the God from the Bible, a leaf, the sky, etc.

Find a comfortable spot either laying on your back or seated and set a timer for 10 minutes. Close your eyes. Breathe slowly in and out. On each inhale, think “I am,” and on each exhale, think “That.”

Repeat this mantra in time with your breath for 10 minutes with your eyes closed. You can play instrumental music if that helps you focus. If you live somewhere without swarms of bloodthirsty mosquitos, try this outside, seated on the earth.

Now, let the mid-annus written reflections begin!

Happy goat under a full Capricorn moon that Substack’s Ai generated based on my prompt of “A goat under a full moon anime style.”

The Quickies:

  1. Write one word to encapsulate the year so far.
  2. Write one word to represent the rest of the year.
  3. Write one sentence about what you’re most grateful for this year to date. *Looking back through your phone’s camera roll is one way to help do this if nothing comes to mind immediately.
  4. Write two more things you’re grateful for so far.
  5. Write one thing you’re looking forward to in the 2nd half of the year.
  6. Write three positive and affirming sentences beginning with “The 2nd half of 2023 will be…” Then read these statements aloud. Write the same sentences down one more time and read them to yourself once more.

The next part of the reset, below, is my adaptation of an activity suggested in the book Boundary Boss: The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free, by Terri Cole, public speaker, author, and psychotherapist.

Book cover of Boundary Boss by Terri Cole

Deep Dive into the Annus:

  1. Section off 11 pages.
  2. At the top of each page, write one of the following categories as a header:
    1. Home and Environment
    2. Work
    3. Finances
    4. Family
    5. Mind Body Health
    6. Personal Boundaries and Confidence(This can be about where you stood up for yourself, or conversely, when you felt taken advantage of.)
    7. Beliefs and Opinions
    8. Possessions
    9. Communication(meaning your own ways of communicating, as well as types of communications you’d like more or less of.)
    10. Friends
    11. Fun Times and Leisure
    12. Romantic Love and Sex

Read the rest of the ritual on Charlotte Dune’s Lagoon on Substack: