Mushroom Honeymoon by Charlotte Dune

Mushroom Honeymoon

Mushroom Honeymoon is Book Two in the Psychedelic Love Series

He’s struggling with PTSD from a botched surgery. She’s pushing him to explore the boundaries of his mind. Is the honeymoon period over? Or can a magic mushroom ceremony in Hawaii heal their marriage?

Mushroom Honeymoon book cover.
Mushroom Honeymoon, by Charlotte Dune

Newly married, Thelma senses her husband Saman is struggling to cope after a traumatic kidney transplant. To help him recover and relax, she plans a belated honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Before they leave, a friend gives Thelma the contact of a wealthy businessman who hosts ceremonies with psilocybin and psilohuasca, a special brew made with magic mushrooms and ayahuasca components, on his lush Hawaiian estate. Believing the magic mushrooms will help her husband overcome his past traumas, Thelma arranges for them to attend the mushroom retreat. Saman is reluctant to go, but consents to the plan, not realizing that the ceremony will change the course of his life forever.     

Charlotte Dune creates a tense and adventure-filled love story, teaming with visionary energy and surreal hallucinations, taking the reader to Hawaii and into the world of mushroom rituals.

Mushroom Honeymoon, the second book in The Psychedelic Love Series, picks up where Cactus Friends: A Psychedelic Love Story leaves off and reveals the limits of love confronted by the powerful forces of man, nature, and fate.

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