The Creative Cocoon

Welcome to the Creative Cocoon.

What is the Creative Cocoon?

The Creative Cocoon with Charlotte Dune is a nurturing, digital space designed for writers, artists, and creatives to connect, share knowledge, cross-promote, and nurture each other’s creative work and goals.

The Creative Cocoon is a place to grow and nurture your creative caterpillars into artistic butterflies.

Who belongs in the Creative Cocoon?

The short answer is everyone.

Creativity lies latent or active in all of us. Every person has something to contribute to the world creatively. I believe it is our duty as humans to share our creative gifts. If you are stifling your creative gifts, you are hurting others by preventing them from benefiting from experiencing your creative work.

Creative gifts could include writing, art, music, poetry, filmmaking, sculpture, dance, and any creative outlet you can imagine with your beautiful, innovative, bursting-with-dreams mind.

Are you a creative person who wants to grow and develop your artistic craft and creative confidence?

If the answer is yes, then welcome to my Creative Cocoon, a space to grow your creativity and artistic craft.

If you are an active creative person, looking to expand your creativity, artistry, output, and public reach, then you are in the right place.

Does your sleepy inner-artist need a strong cup of creative coffee?

If you wish you were more creative, or feel like there is a hidden, inner-artist, writer, dancer, or singer cocooned inside you, waiting to become a wondrous artistic butterfly, then you are also in the right place.

Of course, some dormant inner-artists need a stronger cup of coffee than others. Let’s be honest, being an artist isn’t easy. It isn’t usually a lucrative endeavor, and sometimes our creative work can face public disapproval. Yes, most of us keep on being artists because we can’t stop. We love creating art. We dream of creating art. We write, we sing, we dance, we paint, we fight with our own creative urges.

The Creative Cocoon is a place where you can wrestle your inner-artists demons to the ground, banish your own resistance to sharing your creative work, and let your ideas fly.

The Creative Cocoon is a no-judgment nest, where we are all artists and no ideas are bad ideas to explore. We expand our work and never limit ourselves. We can polish anything rough later, but the Cocoon is for expansion, not contraction. We nurture artistic births, not idea-deaths.

Remember, as long as you are following your heart and your instincts, then you are always in the right place. You are always on the right path when you follow your own inner wisdom.

Are you murking in The Murk?

What is The Murk? What is murking? Murking is the opposite of working. The Murk is the opposite of The Work.

Murking is when you are not working on your art. You are murky and muddy, feeling unfocused, unmotivated, screwed-over, frustrated or victimized. When you are murking you are at your worst as an artist and you are in need of creative recovery so you can stop murking and start working.

How do we get ourselves into The Murk?

Good question and it will differ for everyone. Sometimes a life-event beyond our control throws us into the murk, like the death of a loved one, an illness, a trauma, an addiction, and so many other things.

Often you can identify the cause of the murk as a specific problem that you can actually fix. And fix it you should. Fix it as fast as possible, so you can get onto your creative work.

Fixable murk causes are as complex as a bad boyfriend or toxic girlfriend that needs to get dumped, or as simple as a broken air conditioner that you need to repair or replace so you can stop sweating and feeling miserable and start typing the amazing book you’ve already plotted out.

Other times the murk is just within us and we can’t pinpoint on name the reason for it. Maybe it’s a chemical imbalance, maybe it was some bad beans from Taco Bell, we really couldn’t say, and it doesn’t matter. If you can’t identify the cause of The Murk, then you just have to throw all the remedies at it and see which one turns the murk to work. This is where The Creative Cocoon comes in.

How do I get myself out of The Murk and into The Work?

One goal of every artist should be to stay as far away from the murk as possible. Getting murky is the most unhealthy thing, and artist can do. In the mud, you aren’t making progress on your creative projects, you’re brooding, suffering, and blocking yourself from growing, blooming, and fruiting.

But have no fear — many a lotus flower has bloomed from the murk and mire. Every caterpillar who survives the dirt, the chrysalis, and the cocoon will become a butterfly. And you can too. How? By finding inspiration, community, and helpful feedback. This is what The Creative Cocoon is for. When you are stuck, we will help get you out of the murk and into the work.

The Creative Cocoon offers three primary tools to get your out of the murk.

Five Creative Cocoon Tools to get you out of the Murk:

  1. The Creative Cocoon FB group — A supportive online community of creatives to share knowledge, opportunities, ideas, and to cross-promote creative work.
  2. A Creative Monarch. Your Creative Monarch is your number one fan, your accountability partner, and your creative sounding board and mentor. When you join the Cocoon we pair you with a Creative Monarch in your primary artistic discipline and time zone.
  3. The Chrysalis Connection. This program sets up creative trades in kind to help you achieve your specific artistic or promotional goals without shelling out cash.
  4. Creative Cocoon Coaching. Like therapy for your inner artist — Creative Cocoon Coaching is á la carte consultations designed just for you and charged in single sessions, as needed for specific artistic projects or problems.
  5. The Metamorphosis Program. The Metamorphosis Program is a 200-day program designed for the artist trying to reach the next level of their creative dreams. This is a complete journey from murk to butterfly.

There is no need to murk when your entire artistic community is rooting for you to work.

Getting out of the mud and into the artistic sand box, where we play and create, is a core purpose of the Cocoon.

Why am I saying the same thing in so many different ways? Because I want it to sink in, so you can get out of the murk.

Why the Creative Cocoon?

Every writer, artist, photographer, or musician needs a community to connect with to grow their work and to get valuable feedback and support on their projects. I believe that engaging with artists across disciplines also creatives unique connections that foster innovation. For this reason, I invite creatives in all artistic disciplines to join the Cocoon.

The Creative Cocoon also offers members a chance to have creative accountability. Every member who joins has the option to be matched with a creative accountability partner in the same time zone, and if possible, the same geographic region.

Where is the Creative Cocoon?

The Creative Cocoon lives on Facebook in a private group. The Creative Cocoon also meets on Zoom occasionally and hosts livestreams, online workshops, webinars, and special events. Any member of The Creative Cocoon can also join in my weekly Writer’s Support Group, every Thursday at 8 pm EST on Zoom. In the future, the Cocoon will host in-person events, retreats, and meetups.

Why the Creative Cocoon? 

As a child, I was fiercely creative. I wrote, bound and shared my first book in 4th Grade. It was a fictional story about boys in my class disappearing on a plane over the Bermuda triangle. I painted pictures of animals in tropical landscapes. I took pictures on my parent’s camera. I even made a book of illustrations of of nude people in different states. For example, the picture for Maine was a woman holding a lobster over her private parts. I shared all my art with glee. I danced with an improv group, and I sang in a touring choir. I loved my creative pursuits and I can remember skipping social events or taking a pass when kids offered me drugs because I wanted to stay focused for my dance troupe.

Then something happened. I grew up and started thinking my art and writing was worthless, that art was a frivolous hobby, that I had no talent, and that I needed to get a “real job.” I left art behind and started working for the government as a secretary. This was the beginning of my career as a paper-pushing desk-jocky which left me feeling miserable, tired, and empty.

For a decade, I stopped doing art. I also got myself addicted to alcohol and drugs, probably to cope with the misery of my beaten-down, inner-artist. But drugs and alcohol did not help me cope. They made things far worse, dragging my inner-artist down so deep in the muck that I forgot all about my creative childhood. I worked to live, dreaded every Monday morning and looked forward to every Friday evening. Despite advancing at work, I hated my job, but I didn’t know what else I should do.

Then one day, I had a conversation with a creative friend. We sat down for lunch at a trendy sushi restaurant in Toronto, and I complained to her about my job woes. Her advice was simple — “Why don’t you try to learn a new creative skill?”

Huh? Why hadn’t I thought of that?

“How?” I asked. “What do you mean?”

“Take a class, watch online tutorials, or go back to school.” She said. “And don’t think about what skill would earn you money, you already have a job. Just do whatever looks the MOST FUN.”

Learning a new creative skill turned out to be the best advice. That lunch started my journey back to artistic wellness.

After looking at what new creative skill I might learn, I stumbled onto a local documentary media production program that combined writing, photography, and film. By coincidence, the classes were only a few blocks from my office! To apply, I needed video editing skills, so I started to learn that, as my first new creative endeavor. This flung the artistic door back open to me. Two years later, I left my job, started my own creative business. I’ve been doing art and writing ever since.

Since that lunch conversation, I’ve shown two art installations in galleries, made two movies that screened at major film festivals, and published two books. I’ve also made amazing artist friends, as well as a wonderful, supportive artistic life-partner.

I’ve developed my own system of creative growth and joy, but one thing I always need is an artistic community.

Along the path of my own creative metamorphosis, I’ve read many helpful artist books, gained skills to help me express my ideas, and watched many wonderful films about other creatives. Through this work, I’ve developed my own system of creative growth and joy, but one thing I always need is artistic community. This is why I’m inviting you to join me in The Creative Cocoon.

How much does the Creative Cocoon cost?

Joining The Creative Cocoon is free right now!

The price may increase in the future for new members, as our creative garden grows.

There is no time like today to join.

How do I join the Creative Cocoon with Charlotte Dune?

The first step to entering The Creative Cocoon is to join our supportive, creative Facebook community. To do so, follow me on Facebook and fill out the form below:


But I don’t have Facebook, can I still join?

Yes, but you will not receive the full benefits of the Cocoon.

However, you can still attend group online events off Facebook and take advantage of the Chrysalis Connection and the Metamorphosis Program. Unfortunately, without being on Facebook you will not be eligible for a Creative Monarch.

Not ready to commit?

Book a chat with me instead.

or attend my Writer’s Support Group.