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The Entheogenic Evolution Podcast

I talk about psychedelic fiction, bufo ceremonies, wachuma, and more.

After reading two of Dr. Martin W. Ball’s many books, Beyond Azara: A Universal Love Story, and Being Human: An ornithological Guide to God, Evolution, and the Fractal Nature of Reality, I was beyond excited to sit down and discuss writing and entheogens with him.

We both write “Psychedelic Fiction“, a niche genre that uses trippy storytelling to explore metaphysics, science, love, and spirituality, amongst other things. While Dr. Ball is better known for his non-fiction and his public talks and podcast concerning entheogens, in this episode of his show, The Entheogenic Evolution Podcast, we talk about using fiction to educate new audiences about the powers and benefits of entheogenic practices.

Enjoy the show!

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